Collective Resource, Inc.
"Reducing landfill through commercial composting"

About Us

Erlene Howard, Owner, is very excited about commercial composting and the positive impact it has on the earth. She is the recipient of the 2012 Walter Lucansky Award winner for Environmental Stewardship, given by Keep Evanston Beautiful. Her sustainable vision started in October 2009. The rest of the website tells you her story.

As of April 2011  Mary Beth Schaye has joined the Collective Resource team. Mary Beth has been a client of the company since September 2010. She is currently one of the Green Committee chairs at her daughter's elementary school and with the help of Collective Resource has been instrumental in transforming the school's community events from events that generated bags and bags of garbage to nearly zero waste events. Mary Beth has signed on with Collective Resource to help other schools and organizations to make this same transition.

She has combed the area and the internet for a wide range of compostable products and brings that knowledge with her. No matter what kind of gathering you are planning, she can help you green it.

She and her family of four also compost their food scraps at home. Once they began to see food scraps as a valuable resource, they found it difficult to just toss them in the garbage.

As an acknowledgment of their work with Dewey School, 2011 Environmental Hero Awards were given to Mary Beth and her Green Committee Co-Chair Lisa Dziekan. Since the beginning of the 2010/2011 school year, they have offered composting at three community events, during all-school classroom parties for three holidays, at a special third grade Thanksgiving Feast and for a daily ongoing morning program called Books and Breakfast. Any time that food has been served, they've figured out a way to divert most or all of the so-called garbage.

With the help of parent volunteers, they have recently restarted recycling and in-house fruit and vegetable composting efforts during every lunchroom period. Their work at Dewey School has saved more than 125 gallons of material from ending up in a landfill.
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