Composting also gives the vitamins and minerals of food scraps back to the Earth to create healthy soil. Using this rich soil reduces the need for water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Composting serves to educate people on environmentally friendly practices and demonstrates a commitment to protecting the environment. It is an easy thing we can all do on a daily basis.

Composting reduces what is being sent to the landfill.

Fewer food scraps sitting in the landfill means that less methane gas is created and precious space ​is not being used for food waste.  

Reducing landfill through commercial composting

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We provide door-to-door food scrap pickup service for homes, businesses, and events. Our goal is to give everyone the ability to reduce what they send to the landfill. We work with each customer to figure out what works best for them and their family or their business. Composting with us is an easy and effective way to have a positive impact on the environment on a daily basis. Learn more about commercial composting and see what can go to the commercial composting site.

We pick up all over Chicagoland. Click here to see if you are in our pickup area.
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