"Reducing landfill through commercial composting"

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What We Charge For Compost Pickup

Food Scrap Pickup Service
Regularly scheduled pickups for up to 5 gallons per bucket. A household of two that eats most meals at home will typically fill one 5 gallon bucket every two weeks.

Residential Pickup Cost per Bucket
$10.50/bucket for weekly pickup
$15.50/bucket for biweekly pickup
$20.50/bucket for 4 weeks pickup
Event Composting
Estimate based on your menu and the number of attendees.
One annual pre-payment discount of 10%

Refer a friend and receive 1 pickup free

Neighbor/block discounts
    5 Families-$1 off everyone, every time
    10 Families-$2 off everyone, every time

Multiple buckets in one location
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