We provide your family a 5-gallon bucket and then, weekly or biweekly, pick up the food scraps and take them to a commercial compost site. We leave a clean bucket for you to continue your collection for the next pickup. Learn more and see if you are in our pickup area.

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Our personalized service sets us apart from other ​food scrap haulers. We offer zero waste consulting, compost education, as well as event staffing. Our dedicated Zero Waste Consultants can help you manage the waste stream at any event, large or small. We ensure the proper disposal of your food scraps, as well as all other waste, including recyclables. Read more.

We tailor our compost pickup service to create a program that works for each customer. Most customers are on a weekly pickup, but some are twice a week. With each pickup we deliver clean, lined, kitchen-ready totes, so it is easy for your kitchen staff to start the collection again. Our goal is to make it easy for your business to reduce what it sends to the landfill. Read more.

Ready to start composting? After just a few quick steps you'll be on your way to composting in your home, at your next event, or at your office. You won't believe how much your landfill waste will be reduced. 

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What we do

Collective Resource, Inc. is a woman-owned food scrap pickup service based in Evanston. We collect all food waste and compostable products from homes, businesses, and institutions and take them to a commercial composting site. The food scraps then become ​a nutrient-rich soil amendment instead of sitting in a landfill. Commercial composting is different from backyard composting, because anything that was once alive (including meat and dairy products) can be composted. In addition to hauling compost, we educate the public about the importance of reducing landfill use.


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Composting made easy since 2010.

Reducing landfill through commercial composting

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Click here for a comprehensive list of what can go to the commercial composting site.


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We are a finalist for Green America's Spring 2015 People & Planet Awards! This award recognizes businesses that help green celebrations and holidays. We have the chance to win 5K that would help us divert even more from the landfill! 

We are a proud sponsor of The Evanston Green Ball. It will be a zero waste event with our help. Buy tickets with the link above so you don't miss out on this fun night!